Very experienced lecturers. For ACCA, we all recognise the importance of having experienced lecturers and we are exacting your demand by giving you the best team. Our lecturers have trained many professionals, produced prizewinners, even trained many ACCA lecturers currently in the market. You are never in the wrong hands. Besides, we do not just teach but we educate. We impart values. Read our lecturers profile HERE

MCKL students who have completed the ACCA can be placed via our University Placement division to our partner University in the UK, to complete a Masters Degree – which only requires 6months and at course fee below RM40,000. MCKL students also enjoy a special rebate of nearly £1000 (RM5,500) off their course fee payable to UK University. Broaden your views with this opportunity to enjoy affordable UK Education.

We believe in giving back to society and we have various scholarships for our ACCA students. You might be eligible for scholarships. Up to 75% Scholarships for ACCA entry level and we also have a Merit Award Rebate Scheme – where students could get a rebate up to 75% of the tuition fees paid based on the marks achieved for the ACCA exams. For more details, click HERE

Students give great feedbacks about our lecturers. They like us for being responsible, dedicated, can explain well, easy to understand teaching. You can actually attend a FREE TRIAL class. Register yourself with our ACCA coordinator and you will be entitled to one session. Feel to be what is like to study at MCKL. Click HERE

Our lecturers prepare exclusive course notes for your ACCA subjects. Notes are comprehensive, up-to-date, tailored based on what you need to pass, or even score your ACCA exam. Students find our lecture notes are more user-friendly than going through ACCA textbooks. We also provide you ACCA past examination questions and answers – something really important for your studies. MCKL is a BPP Professional Education Tuition Solutions Provider.   

We are GOLD status tuition provider. We are committed to delivering a good pass rate and high-quality teaching. We have produced high achievers too – both top in the world and top in Malaysia.  

Our lectures would be video-recorded and you have the privilege of going through them again for stronger reinforcement of your subject understanding. Well sometimes, we understand that you might have urgent matters causing you to miss your classes.

We are located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. We are just within 8 minutes walking distance from KL Sentral (via NU Sentral). We are next to Tun Sambanthan Monorail station. For location map, click HERE

Free Parking for Part Timers within campus – Nowadays, walking to car park itself make people worry about their safety. However, not at MCKL. For part-timers, just park inside our campus and parking is free*. Be safe. Be convenient. (* You need to buy a parking sticker for RM10 that is valid for the entire semester) 

Very conducive environment for your study – you need a good environment to encourage you to move on. It is like going to the GYM and exercising alone at home. You have the Natural Push when u see everybody is working hard. We have a very good library, plenty of study area. We consistently add new books relevant to your ACCA studies. Our library is also very helpful for students pursuing their research and analysis project (Oxford Brookes University’s thesis).  More on our facilities. Click HERE

Accommodation for outstation students – within minutes of walking distance from campus. Fully guarded and attended by campus warden. For accommodation details, click HERE