ACCA MCKL | Students' Feedbacks

These are some of the feedbacks given by our ACCA students.

” It was a struggling and anxious before deciding taking the ACCA course. As most people are telling me: it’s very very hard, I failed over and over again, I decided to drop ACCA, it’s just too difficult.. However, for my own future, I’m willing to take up the challenge for the last 4 professional papers.. Lecturers of MCKL are superb!!! I can say I met good teachers here, Mr Low, Mr Ng and Mr Daniel… Their teaching are easy to understand, even if you don’t understand, they’ll try to explain in a way that you could understand!! And hence, I’m succeeded in passing all those 4 papers in one and half year!!!” (Elise)


“I pass my P6! Definitely recommend Mr Low Chin Ann. He is passionate, dedicated and always give the best to
his students. Great lecturer!” (Vicky Tan)


” You are by far the best Taxation lecturer in the ACCA course and a true blessing for me and all other student learned under you supervision. Your countless effort towards us have benefited from the wonderful learning environment that you have created that encourages and rewards every student to grow and develop a life-long desire to strive not just in our academic but also in our working life.

You inspire us to learn and be more and do more than what we think we can. You are firm when needed, but also patient and kind. Thank you so much for being so helpful and kind lecturer. I appreciate all the hard work you put into every session of class. As much as you have inspired me, I will do the same to help others in need.” (Sheldon)


“Studying ACCA in MCKL has been an amazing experience for me!” (Teik Jin)


I have completed CAT and studying ACCA in MCKL. During the tough journey in Acca, I am thankful towards many experienced and dedicated lecturers that guide me. It is very stressful near the exam times and I think the revision classes offered by mckl right before exam is very useful. Lecturers are always prepared to answer your questions. Feel free to ask for help either from lecturers or seniors, they are all very friendly. Highly recommend Mr Low (for taxation paper). Lecturers will use good external example and then link back to the topic which really help to make the class more cheerful and interesting! (although the papers itself is sometimes boring and tough, that’s why it is called professional studies, it really require a lot of self-study/understanding & lots and lots of practice) Overall, the friendly environment, classes and affordable fee in MCKL really help ease your burden and stress on your way in completing Acca.(Tang Pui Yin)


“Mr. Low is one of the best lecturer in ACCA course, especially in F6, F8 and P1 paper where i had experience it (where i passed all in first attempt!) From him, you not only learn the knowledge but also application in exam and real work life. His material, example, video recording, video case and wechat group, showing his effort to help our learning journey to be smooth and enjoyable.  More over, he likes to share his wisdom and values through out his teaching where it is not only motivating but also made us a better person. Thank you Mr. Low.” (Triana Ratnawati)


“As an international student who just joined MCKL on July 2018 intake, I am grateful to be surrounded by committed, creative and enthusiastic lecturers who makes studying fun and enjoyable. I was amazed to find lecturer in MCKL has never failed to create a sense of belonging for everyone in the classroom (having studied previously at another uni). In addition, the exhilarating learning environment at the college allowed me to develop critical thinking skills, by simply completing one of their MPU subject, Service Learning (compulsory for full-timer student).” (Marsha)

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