A special dedication from ACCA MCKL Community…

we hope this small little effort from us can lift up our spirit…




COVID-19 is a War, a Global War… but we can win this war with LOVE..

Yes, we can win, we will win.. We want to give thanks.. and give credits for

1) Malaysiakini – where we have taken the PM Announcements

2) Illustration (nurses & medical officer) – from themalayapost.my

3) Comic illustration by Do.Da.Doodle.

4) For Background Music: Rachel Platten’s Fight Song

5) Thanks to our ACCA MCKL community – comprise of our students, staff and lecturers… and to those participated, Chyi Kinn, Allysha, Yi Yue, Ming Yang, Shu Li, Sneha, Shureen, Hara Shankar, Yuk Lan, Jonathan, Jasveen, Yin Ying, Sai, Wei Kang, Ryan, Jennifer, Ruphinee, Jayden, Min Yi, Ping Kuan, Arianna, Li Tene, Jia En, Petricia, Gayathri, Kah Yee, Zhi Jing, Jia Wei, Theisha, Xin Min, Yvonne, Annie Tan, Calvin Wong, Chin Ann, Kian Tuck, Wai Wing, and Annie Tan.

6) Thanks for ACCA Student’s Union 2020.