Looking for ACCA online courses in Malaysia?

Our ACCA lectures are video-recorded and available for students who wish to pursue ACCA study but unable to attend our physical classes (e.g. residing outside Kuala Lumpur, incompatible working hours, other commitments).

These are comprehensive & complete ACCA lectures (with an average of about 55 to 70 hours in total of lectures, tutorials/question discussions and another 20 to 25 hours of revision). You get exactly the contact hours that our students receive in a face-to-face class. The comprehensive ACCA lectures ensure an in-depth understanding of your subject matter and exposure to question practice.

How does it work?

After your enrollment, we will send you the video recordings through our private YouTube links where you have to access them using your Google accounts.

We will also courier to you the lecture notes (ACCA study materials) and the ACCA past year questions. (Take Note that we do NOT provide BPP ACCA text books or practice kits to our online students. Our study materials are sufficient but if you wish, you can also purchase the BPP ACCA course materials from us)

You will be given lecturers’ WhatsApp number so that you may consult your lecturers on subject matters.

The video links are available for your use for a year – so you may take your own pace to prepare for your ACCA exam.

FOR ENQUIRY OR REGISTRATION – PLEASE WHATSAPP +60107688832 (Mr Jonathan) or you may also email us at acca@mckl.edu.my

[Feel free to contact us if you have other queries like ACCA entry requirements, ACCA fees, exemptions, etc]


Why make our ” ACCA Online Study ” as your choice?

(i) Our teaching style suits very well for Asian students, generally “we have the flavour of the Malaysian taste for the Malaysian students”.

(ii) It is very easy to follow – as we do not require students to use any complicated Learning Management System – as we are aware of feedback from students about how they prefer our approach that “stick to the lecture notes and follow the lesson” and do not have to click many different sections for lecture videos, download questions, etc. Our style is “What You See Is What You Get” – you are viewing exactly the same recorded lectures of a live ACCA class. Therefore, you are exactly like being inside our classroom except that you view them remotely, and you can study anytime, anywhere.

(iii) Our lectures are very comprehensive. Each topic will be comprehensively taught on, along with walk-through (discussion) of exam-style questions. You will view a sample of our videos below:

Sample ACCA videos:

A sample LECTURE – 1st class of ACCA ATX (P6) Advanced Taxation Malaysia


A sample LECTURE for the paper TX (F6) Taxation Malaysia

A sample TUTORIAL Class for the paper ATX (P6) – Discussing Dec 2015 Question 1


A sample LECTURE for the paper AA (F8) Audit & Assurance Malaysia


A sample LECTURE for the paper SBR (Strategic Business Reporting)


A sample LECTURE for the paper PM (F5) Performance Management


At MCKL is committed to offering you our very best and our very commitment, in supporting this challenging journey to qualify as an ACCA Professional Accountant. We strive to be the best ACCA College in Malaysia. Our ACCA programme is equipped with complete comprehensive lectures, tutorial classes, revision classes.