MCKL ACCA September 2020 Passing Rates

11 out of 14 ACCA papers offered at MCKL were above the ACCA global pass rates, for the Sep 2020 exam. (June 2020 exam has been cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic)

We also congratulate Mr Ang Guo Weng for being the Top in Malaysia for his Taxation (TX) paper in his Sep 2020 exam. We grant merit-award to our high achievers, with students receiving up to 75% of the tuition fees paid as their rebate.

We also thank our ACCA lecturers for their hard work, dedication and energy to guide our students to excel in their ACCA exams.

PAPERS / SUBJECT CODESMCKL Passing RatesGlobal Passing RatesMCKL Highest Scorer
BT (F1)75%86%84 m
MA (F2)100%77%86 m
FA (F3)89%72%84 m
LW (F4)76%80%89 m
PM (F5)33%39%74 m
TX (F6)64%52%85 m
FR (F7)74%50%83 m
AA (F8)55%41%75 m
FM (F9)60%52%71 m
SBL77%51%62 m
SBR72%49%67 m
AFM (P4)67%37%77 m
ATX (P6)63%34%72 m
AAA (P7)36%33%72 m

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