“They Say Accountants have good eyesight…”

You know, being a professional ACCA, you may end up being an auditor, fraud investigator, forensic accountant, internal auditor, financial crime detective, you name it. Just too many jobs or professions that may require your “good eyesight” “good vision” to spot the problem. We know the MCO means we cannot interact physically, but maybe something to let you occupy your time?

Alright, this is about STEREOGRAM – which came to great popularity during the early 90s. Therefore, some of you probably are not born yet. If you do not know what is “3D Stereogram”, you can try asking your parents. Maybe they will know.

You will be able to look at the image and eventually it becomes 3Ds. The trick is you have to relax your eyes. It will be easier if you put the photo to cover full screen (put your phone horizontally), then place your nose on the screen, slowly move your eyes away from the screen, keep staring, with that relaxed, lazy eyes, till you can see the image break apart into 3Ds.



if you are excited.. you can try visit to this link for more examples:



Hope you enjoy it.

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