“They Say Accountants have good eyesight…”

You know, being a professional ACCA, you may end up being an auditor, fraud investigator, forensic accountant, internal auditor, financial crime detective, you name it. Just too many jobs or professions that may require your “good eyesight” “good vision” to spot the problem. We know the MCO means we cannot interact physically, but maybe something to let you occupy your time?


MISSION 6 – Can you Find the HEART?

find heart in flamingoGO TO: [Quiz 1]       [Quiz 2]       [Quiz 3]      [Quiz 4]      [Quiz 5]      [Quiz 6]

MISSION 7 – Can you Find the BEE?

find the bee

MISSION 8 – Can you Find the HEART?

find the heart in the bunny


[Quiz 1]       [Quiz 2]       [Quiz 3]      [Quiz 4]      [Quiz 5]      [Quiz 6]


Credit: Artist Gergely Dudas


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